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Voices with the word "Neural" in the row are Neural Text-to-Speech Messages. Read more about neural TTS messages pricing on AWS's website.

Voices for Text to Speech

Name Language Demo Gender
Zeina Arabic Female
Zhiyu Chinese, Mandarin Female
Naja Danish Female
Mads Danish Male
Lotte Dutch Female
Ruben Dutch Male
Nicole English (Australian) (en-AU) Female
Russell English (Australian) (en-AU) Male
Amy English (British) Female Neural
Emma English (British) Female Neural
Brian English (British) Male Neural
Aditi English (Indian) Female
Raveena English (Indian) Female
Ivy English (US) FemaleĀ (child) Neural
Joanna English (US) Female Neural
Kendra English (US) Female Neural
Kimberly English (US) Female Neural
Salli English (US) Female Neural
Joey English (US) Male Neural
Justin English (US) Male (child) Neural
Kevin English (US) Male (child) Neural
Matthew English (US) Male Neural
Geraint English (Welsh) Male
Celine French Female
Lea French Female
Mathieu French Male
Chantal French (Canadian) Female
Marlene German Female
Vicki German Female
Hans German Male
Aditi Hindi Female
Dora Icelandic Female
Karl Icelandic Male
Carla Italian Female
Bianca Italian Female
Giorgio Italian Male
Mizuki Japanese Female
Takumi Japanese Male
Seoyeon Korean Female
Liv Norwegian Female
Ewa Polish Female
Maja Polish Female
Jacek Polish Male
Jan Polish Male
Camila Portuguese (Brazilian) Female Neural
Vitoria Portuguese (Brazilian) Female
Ricardo Portuguese (Brazilian) Male
Ines Portuguese (European) Female
Cristiano Portuguese (European) Male
Carmen Romanian Female
Tatyana Russian Female
Maxim Russian Male
Conchita Spanish (European) Female
Lucia Spanish (European) Female
Enrique Spanish (European) Male
Mia Spanish (Mexican) Female
Lupe US Spanish Female Neural
Penelope US Spanish Female
Miguel US Spanish Male
Astrid Swedish Female
Filiz Turkish Female
Gwyneth Welsh Female

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