Dear streamers,

I am Full Time student attending college, and I work on this website in my free time on top of other personal projects.

Please consider donating/supporting to:

  1. Help keep this project alive
    • Funds for server improvements
    • Monthly/Yearly Server costs (Server Usage, File Hosting, Domain names, etc..)
    • Yearly Domain Name Cost
  2. Fund potential future projects.
  3. Relieve pressure off my shoulders

Thank you for your time,



Donating is currently DISABLED.


Access to Beta Modules

With the supporter role, you will be able to access modules early. Each module has the potential to be free for everyone "later". I say potentially, because they are either going to be scrapped or implemented. You will be able to use new features that I am working on, before other people.

Restricted module
Text-to-Speech voice list

Access to all 62 Voices

You will also have have access to all 62 Text-to-Speech voices.

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